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On September 16, we kicked off season 2 of the Meaning Making programme. Andrea and I were happy to start working with the project team once again - Jenni Mueller (producer), Azam Masoumzadeh (comic artist), Natalie Nelissen (Evaluation) and Ralph Würschinger (Audio Engineer). We've made a couple of changes to the duration and format in Season 2. You can read about that here. As we did in Season 1, we'll present a short summary after every episode along with a comic and podcast.

Zwei Hände formen einen Rahmen vor blauem Hintergrund
Episode 1: Refraiming (illustration: Azam Masoumzade)

Season 2 began with an episode of reframing. Life hasn't returned to normal. And even though we often talk about the 'new normal,' we still don't know what that looks like. In the midst of all this change we felt it's important to explore how we can reframe our work and stories. We invited two speakers to share their lived experience of reframing. They were - Padma Priya, co-founder of the India media startup - Suno India. And Soeren Affeldt, Head of Education of the European Hansemuseum  in Lübeck.

Priya explained how she had to go back to the basics to remind herself why she got into journalism. And how this approach ultimately enabled her to lead her team to reframe the context, content and formats of their storytelling. She highlighted that reframing can be an overwhelming process, and a good way to start is to listen to your intuition and rely on past experiences.

Soeren explored the importance of change by asking the participants what does change bring to the way people work in an organisation. Is it speed, dynamism, chaos or more questions? He went on to explain that there will always be some chaos, which is why it's important to have good leadership. Not someone who tells people what to do, but someone who can see connections and bring people together.

These ideas along with practical examples led to much discussion amongst our participants. And we're pleased to share that in Season 2, we have a very international and cross-disciplinary participant profile. They come from the US, England, Germany, Italy and India.

After the episode, Andrea and I held the first mentoring sessions and we've kickstarted several experiments that we hope to report on in the coming weeks.

You can find a summary of our discussions in this podcast and this comic.

Podcast Episode 1:

Download the Comic for Episode 1 here: Comic Episode 1

On September 30, Andrea will lead Episode 2: Well-being.

You can find details to the whole programme here.


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