von Andrea Geipel & Abhay Adhikari (Guest) 

Thumbnail picture by Azam Masoumzadeh

On September 16, we kicked off season 2 of the Meaning Making programme. We were happy to start working with the project team once again - Jenni Mueller (producer), Azam Masoumzadeh (comic artist), Natalie Nelissen (Evaluation) and Ralph Würschinger (Audio Engineer). We've made a couple of changes to the duration and format in Season 2. You can read about that here. As we did in Season 1, we'll present a short summary after every episode along with a comic and podcast.

Comicausschnitt mit zwei Händen, die ein Gehirn rahmen auf blauem Grund

Episode 2: Well-being (illustration: Azam Masoumzade)

In episode 2 we have dedicated ourselves to the topic of well-being. We asked ourselves to what extent our own well-being plays a role when it comes to becoming good digital storytellers. Many work situations have changed in the last few months and we take time to reflect on what this means for the future and how to initiate changes in the work environment. In the second part, we will look at how we deal with the question of being responsible for the well-being of our viewers and visitors and how this influences storytelling. 

Our guests were Dorothée King, who is head the Institute of Teaching Professions in Design and Art as well as the Learning Lab Arts and Design at the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, and Amanda Aronczyk, who is an award-winning reporter for WNYC's The Stakes and the WNYC newsroom

As in Season 1, we started with a short mediation in which we were asked to visualize our perfect workplace. One where we can be creative. This time our first guest Dorothée King guided us through the mediation.  With her, we explored the question of how important our own well-being at work is in order to become creative digital storytellers. She told us about how she and her team broke down work structures in such a way that more room for creativity was created and the employees felt more comfortable.

In the second part, Amanda Aronczyk told us something about how we are also responsible for the well-being of our viewers and how to tell stories by integrating characters with agency. Her talk was about the podcast "United States of Anxiety" and how she dealt with the fear of the audience by telling the story of a person with agency.

After this episode we started with the first mentoring sessions and were thrilled by the diversity and creativity of the projects. We talked about exciting stories from Italy, participation in podcasting in India, the sustainability of projects in Germany and so many other great ideas. In the regular sessions we reflect on the previous episodes and develop small task packages tailored to the respective project. This is really about getting down to business - always in direct exchange with our mentees and their goals and needs.

And of course there is, as always, a podcast episode and a comic to listen to and read up on.

Podcast Episode 2:

Download the Comic for Episode 2 here: Comic Episode 2

On October 14, Abhay will lead Episode 3: Sustainability.

You can find details to the whole programme here.


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