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On September 16, we kicked off season 2 of the Meaning Making programme. We were happy to start working with the project team once again - Jenni Mueller (producer), Azam Masoumzadeh (comic artist), Natalie Nelissen (Evaluation) and Ralph Würschinger (Audio Engineer). We've made a couple of changes to the duration and format in Season 2. You can read about that here. As we did in Season 1, we'll present a short summary after every episode along with a comic and podcast.

Gezeichnet auf blauem Grund sind zwei Hände, die eine grüne Erde mit Pfeilen und Bäumen in den Händen halten.

Episode 3: Sustainability (illustration: Azam Masoumzade)

The theme of episode 3 on October 14 was Sustainability. Andrea and I were excited about this episode for a couple of reasons - it was a new edition to our Meaning Making programme. And secondly, our speakers came from very different backgrounds. This allowed us to explore the topic from different perspectives and at different scales.
Aditi Veena is an urban ecologist, songwriter and music composer. She explained how growing up in Delhi in the 90s, witnessing massive changes in the city led her to explore the relationship between music, physical spaces and activism. This led her to examine her own values and then find inspiration in the environment around now. Aditi inspired us with the steps she is taking - one step at a time, as one change agent - from flying once per use, to avoiding all plastic waste when she is on tour. We recommend you check out her Make Forests Not War concert series - India's first carbon neutral tour. 
Giulia Rancati has a background in big business, having worked with American technology companies. She now spends her time supporting social impact startups and working with cultural institutions that want to transition to new business models that are conducive to SDGs. Giulia started her session by clarifying that our current definition of a business model is outdated. Making money is just one aspect and often the last step that happens naturally if we stay true to our purpose. She then shared the work she is doing with the Kulturforum in Witten, Germany. Giulia explained that a business must generate value for its communities and operate as an ecosystem. And this is why the cultural sector can play a vital role in shaping an equitable and sustainable future. But first, it must embrace the language of business.

And of course there is, as always, a podcast episode and a comic to listen to and read up on.

Podcast Episode 3:

Download the Comic for Episode 3 here: Comic Episode 3

On October 27, Andrea will lead Episode 4: Inclusion.

You can find details to the whole programme here.


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