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On September 16, we kicked off season 2 of the Meaning Making programme. We were happy to start working with the project team once again - Jenni Mueller (producer), Azam Masoumzadeh (comic artist), Natalie Nelissen (Evaluation) and Ralph Würschinger (Audio Engineer). We've made a couple of changes to the duration and format in Season 2. You can read about that here. As we did in Season 1, we'll present a short summary after every episode along with a comic and podcast.

Picture for engagement, two hands playing stone scissors paper on a blue background

Episode 5: Engagement (illustration: Azam Masoumzade)

The theme of our fith Meaning Making episode was Engagement - the next buzzword which we wanted to demistify. To do this, we spared no effort this time and invited two speakers from different ends of the world - Zoe Seaton, creative director of the theatre company Big Telly from Northern Ireland and marine biologist, science communicator and filmmaker Wiebke Finkler from New Zealand. 

Zoe is the creative director of Big Telly, a theater company in Northern Ireland. When Corona hit Big Telly decided to explore new digital tools to engage their audience in interactive performances. Since then they learnt a lot about how to use Zoom as a tool to co-create content and to meet what people needed in theses troubling times: connection. She pointed out that with those digital performances she re-discoverd what community can mean - for example with people from the same street joined an online performance to see each other again.

Wiebe is a film maker, a marine biologist and a science communicator. In her work she focusses on how science communication can learn from marketing strategies. She has given us a lot of insight into research results on this subject and emphasised that science communication already uses many similar methods that we also know from marketing - we just call them differently. Her message to us was that not science, but our audience should be the hero of our stories.

One highlight was when Zoe played a new game with us - this time we had to balance the colours without talking to each other.

And of course there is, as always, a podcast episode and a comic to listen to and read up on.

Podcast Episode 5:

Download the Comic for Episode 5 here: Comic Episode 5

On November 25, Abhay and Andrea will lead our last Episode 6: Success.

You can find details to the whole programme here.


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