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On September 16, we kicked off season 2 of the Meaning Making programme. We were happy to start working with the project team once again - Jenni Mueller (producer), Azam Masoumzadeh (comic artist), Natalie Nelissen (Evaluation) and Ralph Würschinger (Audio Engineer). We've made a couple of changes to the duration and format in Season 2. You can read about that here. As we did in Season 1, we'll present a short summary after every episode along with a comic and podcast.

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Episode 6: Success (illustration: Azam Masoumzade)

The theme of our sixth  and final Meaning Making episode was Success. In order to demystify this buzzword we invited Isabel CZ, an expert in digital engagement from Spain and  Kush Sethi, a gardener, forager and educator from India. 

Both Kush and Isabel agreed on the importance of defining what success means early on in the project  in collaboration with all stakeholders.  And they stressed that success should not be limited to numbers, it has to include stories that tell of significant experiences. 

Isabel and Kush also shared examples of their work to explain how they define success. There was an emphasis on the well-being of their colleagues and collaborators, as well as a strong connection to their personal values. This approach was appreciated by our participants who agreed there is no one size fits all approach. As a result, sometimes we need to question the more traditional measures that we use to evaluate every project. 

This was the last episode of our second  season of Meaning Making. Abhay and I are proud of these Wednesday sessions, which became a fortnightly gathering of thoughtful practitioners from across the world. We discussed important topics like sustainability, access and inclusion - with such honesty, humor and a touch of cynicism.  

We feel the changes to the format, such as including two guest speakers and planting little surprises, worked well. We are also thrilled with the outcomes achieved by those who took part in the mentoring sessions. We’d never thought that Meaning Making could lead to imaginative experiments in Italy, Germany and India! We hope to  share insights from these experiments soon.

We’ve already started planning for new projects in 2021 and Meaning Making will for sure be part of this. How exactly is not yet decided - but we will keep you up to date here.

And of course there is, as always, a podcast episode and a comic to listen to and read up on.

Podcast Episode 6:

Download the Comic for Episode 6 here: Comic Episode 6

You can find details to the whole programme here.


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